Unlimited Access to the 2020 Into the Deep Conference


This product is a link to the recording for the 2020 Into the Deep Conference. This is not a registration for a live event.
For access to the 2021 in-person and live streamed event with Kirby de Lanerolle and Greg Ordway, click HERE.

Unlimited access to the 5 day Into the Deep Conference recorded September 4th-8th, with Kirby de Lanerolle, Chris Blackeby, Nancy Coen and Greg Ordway.

Teachings include:
Quantum Reality of Engaging with Yahweh
Various Healing Modalities
and “Into the Deep”

Monogenetics is a specially designed course for Christians who believe that life is a gift and that the temple of the body has to be taken care of. It’s 5 days of practical everyday bio-hacks that will facilitate anti-ageing and prime health.

Program content included topics such as:

  • Health and Lasting Life, a biblical perspective
  • Breath and contemplation
  • Mind and Neuro-hacks
  • “Exercise Profits Little”
  • Food and calorie restriction

This registration is for unlimited access to recorded event that took place September 4th-8th, 2020.